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Dr. Ayaz’s Book “Nic And Biblical Narrative Discourse” Launched At International Islamic University Islamabad

Dr. Ayaz’s Book

The department of English, in collaboration with the modern-day Poetics discussion board, international Islamic college, Islamabad, organised a e book release for Prof. Dr. Ayaz Afsar’s newly published book, Qur’?nic and Biblical Narrative Discourse
ISLAMABAD (Pakistan factor news / NNI – twentieth March, 2019) The department of English, in collaboration with the contemporary Poetics forum, worldwide Islamic college, Islamabad, organised a e-book launch for Prof. Dr. Ayaz Afsar’s newly posted ebook, Qur’?nic and Biblical Narrative Discourse: A contemporary approach.Prof. Dr. Ayaz Afsar is the current dean of the school of Languages and Literature art IIUI. His ebook, published with the aid of the Islamic research Institute (IRI) on the international Islamic college, Islamabad, comes after numerous articles which he had formerly published on the subject.

it’s miles an interdisciplinary have a look at that uses literary and linguistic methods to examine and analyse the narrative factors of the Biblical and Qur’?nic texts.IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said that the book is a treasured addition and such books are imperative to have effect of Islamic research on worldly expertise. He called upon educational fraternity to make it possible to initiate inter-disciplinary research .He said that the e book is quite applicable to the vision of university as IIUI is striving to disseminate optimistic thoughts of Islamic teachings.

studies relevant to the Islamic angle is the need of hour, he stated.IIUI Preside Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh stated the research productivity should be the core objective and the book is a salient laudable attempt. He opined that books on Quran, its message and narrative with a contemporary technique are imperative to be posted to foil the attempt of stereotype being created towards Islam. He maintained that studies output is the key to fulfillment in future.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gunther, a Germany based Islamic studies student, became also gift at the consultation and he pressured how Dr. Ayaz’s paintings makes a speciality of the ability for expertise each other in place of on variations. He additionally appreciated Dr. Ayaz’s focus on the classy and narrative structures of these texts.Dr. Husn ul Amin, the government director of the Iqbal Institute for research and talk (IRD) discussed the e book in context of the current discussions in Qur’?nic studies, particularly those who need to do with the Qur’?n’s shape and fashion.

He stated that Dr. Ayaz’s e book is applicable to the scholars of Islamic studies, Social Sciences, Literature, and Linguistics. Dr. Zia ul Haqq, the Director trendy IRI delivered to this by discussing the university’s instructional work, particularly as regards to the Islamic Sciences and in shaping a society.earlier, In his welcome be aware with the aid of Dr. Muhammad Sheeraz, the chairman of the department of English , who congratulated Dr. Ayaz and also discussed the significance of his work in context of the want for harmony in modern society.

Mr. Farrukh Nadeem, a literary determine and school member at the branch then proceeded to share his quick overview of the e-book, bringing up how it applies the literary techniques of narratological look at to the comparative have a look at of spiritual texts. What the e book does, he said, became to have a look at the narrative structure and the classy scheme of those texts, focusing at the how instead of at the what.Dr Amal Sayyid, some other college member on the department discussed the textual content in context of latest racial and spiritual conflicts and mentioned the way it indicates an opportunity response that focuses on shared narratives rather than on distinction.

She also foregrounded the fact that Dr. Ayaz’s work does not try to liberalise islam or to supply a few sort of apologetic, however alternatively it acknowledges the narratives shared between faiths with out sacrificing something to the secular. She also noted how it is going beyond each publish-modern processes that start with scepticism as well as people who fail to have a look at these texts as anything extra than a rulebook.The ceremony become hosted by means of Dr. Akhtar Aziz, who moderated the consultation and also gave it a few context by quoting from both the Qur’?n in addition to the Bible.Copies of the book have been also available for buy and lots of college students had them signed through Dr. Ayaz Afsar, who stayed there for so long as he should to facilitate individuals who wished to talk to him approximately his work. NNI

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