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About us

Cruxly is a first of a kind service that allows businesses to detect actionable intent in real-time in any communication, i.e., detect whether there is a question or request, a commitment or promise, an intent to purchase, like or dislike, etc., from the body of a message or post. The founders of Cruxly began with the problem of solving the actionable intent detection while facing their own email overload problem. They decided that the only way to find out such actionable messages is to actually analyze the content and grammar. Since then, what started as an automated agent in mobile devices to detect actionable messages has generalized to a broadly applicable real-time analytics framework for intent and event detection. Cruxly founders are serial entrepreneurs from Boulder, Colorado. The team comprises passionate software and text analytics experts with special interest in speech act detection.

Aloke Guha

CEO and Co-Founder
Aloke Guha is a serial entrepreneur and accomplished technology executive in the areas of big data and analytics, and data center technologies. As co-founder/CEO of Cruxly, he has returned to his roots in machine learning besides his active work with products and sercvices in enterprise cloud and infrastructure areas. For most of the past decade he has been involved in the development of the analytics for unstructured data analytics and machine learning. His earlier startups include AumniData in the area of unstructured data analytics, Copan Systems, a pioneer in MAID data storage (acquired by HPE), and Datavail/CreekPath (acquired by HP). His previous public company roles include Vice President of Analytics and Big Data products at Hitachi Data Systems where he was led the engineering efforts for both hyperconverged platforms and private cloud management software. Earlier he was the VP and Chief Architect at StorageTek (Oracle), and CTO of Network Systems (StorageTek) where he led one of the industry's early intelligent network products. Aloke is a senior IEEE member, and has authored over 60 patents with 26 issued, and over 60 technical publications. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and holds an MSEE and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.

Kapil Tundwal

CTO and Co-Founder
Kapil is a software developer and a serial entrepreneur with expertise in building scalable backend and frontend applications. At Cruxly, he single handedly built highly available and scalable engine that executes Cruxly's core NLP routines over twitter streams and social graphs for 100s of queries. He accomplished this using Heroku, Amazon AWS, Python/Django and RESTful web services using JAX-RS. He also has fair amount of experience building Blackberry, Android, and Windows apps in analytics and messaging space. Earlier as a Director of Senior Program Manager at InfoTrust Group, he led global development teams that delivered and supported mission critical software to maintain technical documentation in Aviation and Defense industry using XML/NoSQL databases. Earlier at CircleDoc, he built XMPP based messaging service to provide real time collaboration functionality for Microsoft Office users. He started his career at Quark, Inc. building desktop and server applications for publishing industry using C++, Objective-C, CORBA and Java which helped companies such as S&P, Pearson and Carrefour deliver print publications in near real times. He holds B. Tech (EE) from the state college of Engineering, India and recently graduated from Founder Institute, a startup incubator.

Andrew Lampert

Chief Scientist

Andrew serves as the Chief Scientist at Cruxly, providing input to product development based on more than a decade of research and startup experience building natural language processing and data analysis software. Andrew completed a PhD in Computational Linguistics at Macquarie University in Sydney. His doctoral thesis focused on the analysis and automated detection of obligation acts in workplace email, an area of research that that greatly benefited Cruxly’s technology and products. Andrew also holds a Master of Science in Speech and Language Processing from Macquarie University, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honors from the University of Melbourne. Andrew spent almost 10 years working as a researcher at CSIRO, the national science agency in Australia, building and evaluating tools and techniques for natural language processing with organizations including Boeing, the Australian Attorney-General's Department, the Royal Australian Air Force and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Kirill Kireyev

Developer and Architect
Kirill is an expert in natural language processing and machine learning, including algorithms for topic and sentiment analysis information retrieval, question/intent detection, vocabulary/grammar/writing feedback and more. Kirill holds a joint PhD (2010) in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University of Colorado and BS in Computer Science from Cornell University with a dissertation focused on using machine learning algorithms to model psycholinguistic properties of language and their applications in building interactive and personalized language teaching software technologies. Kirill has extensive software development experience, from startups to large companies.